Marriage with kids is very difficult. Trying to find time for everything and still manage to have a strong relationship is not easy. As soon as you wake up you are a parent all the way until the time you go to sleep. It is exhausting and while it is completely worth it, it can take a huge toll on your relationship with your spouse. How can you really keep that spark alive in your marriage when you have no time to remember who your significant other is?

One of the best things you can do is get away. Get away from the craziness at home, get away from the kids and all your responsibility. As some may believe this makes you a bad parent, while in turn this not only helps with your relationship with your spouse but your children. This should be a priority in any household.

My husband and I recently were able to get away, to take a night for ourselves.  As soon as our sitters arrived we were out the door. I felt bad that I was happy to be away from my kids for a night. I did not have to wait on anyone hand and foot, wipe boogers, clean the toilets and run around cleaning up. I missed my children terribly but what we gained as a family makes it worth it.

That night we were able to reconnect to remind each other why we originally fell in love and had children.  It helped us clear our minds. That night we went to dinner at a nice restaurant and enjoyed a drink, which we never do anymore. Our conversation was about everything and while still included our babies it was nice to discuss everything else in silence. It was nice to finally be able to hear what my husband had to say instead of trying to figure it out over the words, “Mom!”

Getting away with your spouse helps remind you how much you loved being with them, how much you need time for each other. It reminds you of who you are and who your spouse is.

If you continue to keep going and never take a step back for your relationship, in the end it will suffer. If there is a strain on the parent’s relationship it shows heavily to the children. This time away lets you reconnect with your spouse to show your children that not only do you enjoy spending time together, you are still in love. It also shows them what they should strive for in life, to be happy.

After this weekend we both came back to the chaos with a clear head. We were able to navigate our sick toddler, the constant talking and running around better and calmer. This time of rest rekindled our relationship not only with each other but bonded our family together even more.

This trip made us both better parents and better husband and wife. Getting rest is key to any part of life. Time is too short to always be tired, upset or distant. This time together and without children is absolutely needed.

Now to plan our next adventure, without kids!


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