Having children, especially your first there can be so much overwhelming information before, during and after the pregnancy and giving birth. When we had our first my diaper especially weighed about 10 lbs. How can I carry around so much stuff? Between the diaper bag and the car seat I was carrying so much weight I knew there had to be a better way. By the time our second baby came around, I changed my diaper bag and what I had in it.

With our first I wanted something cute. Something that I would like to carry around. The problem with it is it is not ergonomic. When we had our second I knew we needed a change because I did not want to go through carrying the heavy . We ended up getting a backpack. While it may not be stylish, it was a tremendous help for us.

What should you put in your diaper bag, so you don’t overload yourself?

A portable changing pad

Absolutely a necessity. Why? If you don’t have a place to lay your baby down, just put this down and at least you know it is clean.


Always bring 1-2 diapers per hour. You can never predict how much your child will go to the bathroom, especially at such a young age.


This really goes without saying anything. These are a necessity.

Diaper cream

I always have a separate small tube of diaper cream. You do not need a big jug, just something small in case they need it.

Milk or a packet of food

A small bottle of milk and/or two packets of food.

Change of clothes

When you go out, you can never predict if that will be the time they have the blow out, spit up or vomit session.

Hand Sanitizer

Since the world is a dirty place.

A Ziploc bag

When you can’t find a garbage but have a dirty diaper or some wet clothes.



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