Self-care is a major aspect of any moms life especially right now. It includes anything from exercising to time for yourself. This can even mean a spa day or just getting your nails done. Making sure you take time for yourself is important but not every person can get on board with all the tips that people are spilling these days.

So what helps you with your self-care?

Is it the glass of wine, the cold beer? Maybe it’s bing watching the biggest chick flick or the trashiest television show. Whatever it is finding what self-care means to you is important. It can be very frustrating when reading many, many blogs or posts stating you need this or that for self-care. Something so specific like going for a run or finding a yoga class, but sometimes what others state is self-care is actually work to you.

When looking to make yourself happy, self care is very important. I helps you undwind, get into a good groove and makes you really enjoy your family and kids.

How did I find my self care?

I thought to myself what do I look forward to while I am running around going crazy. What do I say over and over again while I am going crazy? When you ask me this question I will say the same thing every time.

My self-care is watching mindless tv and drinking wine.

I realized that this is my self-care. It is something that I crave when I am going nuts. It is something that I can’t wait to do when I have a free moment. Every single mama or even dad will have something different.

As I am seeing appointments or chasing after kids what do I crave? A glass of wine and some mindless tv.

Self-care isn’t always exercising or doing what you are told you should do. It is doing something you crave, something you want and something you love.

Don’t get caught up in the hype and take care of yourself how you want to!


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