To my Dear Husband

Throughout the years, we met, fell in love, got married and had children. Before our young children, we would go out, enjoy ourselves, talk and were just happy. We got to travel and just be with each other. With having endured so many obstacles, some that no one should have to in life, but you have been my rock, my love, and will always be my forever love.

The battles that we have endured, the sleepless nights, the mounds of bills and so much more have made the years difficult but we grew as a couple through these times. When we look back on the years it seems like the years have passed so quickly, but our daily life seems to drag on. These times have made the love that we have for each other grow and form a stronger bond that no one can tear down. This came with us standing by each other, protecting each other and supporting each other, making a lasting relationship.

This time of our life is probably the hardest part but is also the most rewarding. Sometimes we forget what is truly important, what we will be thinking about as we age and what we may regret as we get older.

As we lay in bed with our children reading books and singing songs we must hold onto those moments. Those moments are the ones that we will forever pain to get back. The ones where our children walk up to us just to give us a kiss, hug and let us know they love us. This will be a faded memory one day.

While we tell our children to finish their dinner, tell them they cannot have mac & cheese for the third night in a row and try to offer them a healthier option. Treasure that moment as they argue with you that they need mac & cheese. That moment won’t last long and soon that moment will be them walking out the door to go have dinner with their friends. That is when we will realize that the third day of mac & cheese may not have been so bad after all.

As we go through this time in our lives we may not have as much time for each other as we would like, but we need to realize that this time is only a short time in our lives that we will yearn to have back.

When we are old and grey sitting on our back porch resting, we will talk about the days our children ran around and played. How they searched for answers and looked to us for love and guidance. We will see the foundation we gave them on how a loving marriage should be so they know what they need to find.

By going through this stage in our life, we will have a stronger bond than before children. At this point, we can travel and best of all we can enjoy the blessings that our children give us.

Remember tomorrow is never promised so we need to remember to enjoy the ride knowing that soon we won’t have them.

Your loving wife


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