I wanted to share the Slumberkins company because I think it produces such special companions for children and each with special meaning. I had first learned of the creators of Slumberkins on the Shark Tank show and was thrilled when my cousin gave one to each of my children for Christmas.

The Slumberkins mission is such a sweet and tender one, in that the company strives to present plush animals that hold resources to help deliver a specific message to a child. The website allows you to choose a specific animal. With it comes a board book and a positive affirmation card relating to a topic.

Yeti-Relax and stay calm

This is my son’s plush animal. He has the Yeti, which portrays learning how to stay calm and relaxed. This has really been helping him in situations where he may get upset. I have Gavin hold his Yeti while I read the story. My favorite part of the book is the section where you can have your child repeat after you, reiterating its message.

Sloth-Love and family

My daughter’s animal is the sloth, which tells the child about love and family. This one is very fitting for her because she absolutely adores all the members in our family and she can learn who and what constitutes it and how it can form.

This is such a special toy to invest in for your children because of its positive and educational lessons. It also creates a strong connection between a parent and child. The fabric is unbelievably soft and the size is perfect for children to cuddle. Read the positive affirmation card each day to remind you and your child of the message your Slumberkins brings and what it teaches.

Get your Slumberkins here:http://www.slumberkins.com


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