Calling all parents of picky eaters!

Do you have a picky eater on your hands? Do you stress that your child eats terribly or almost nothing? If you are like me, I am sure you have tried everything you could think of. You have probably tried the rewarding system, begging, and negotiating and are at your end. I am sharing this little secret with you in hopes that it may just be the key to your picky eating struggles.

I have a son that I would always say seems like the worst eater on the planet. He will only eat a select few foods and that is about it. It would be bad at times. Day after day I’d pull my hair out from the battles I have had with him to try and get him to eat. Now every child is different. It still may be a work in progress, but if you portray the funny tone of what I’m about to share with you in your voice, you may just see some improvement.

So I do have to admit, my grandmother was actually the one that was doing this with Gavin first. I had given him some lunch as she sat with him at our dining room table. She always has a way of getting Gavin to laugh and started working her magic. I just sat there in awe as I saw all the success.

What you will do is sit with your child in front of their plate of food. Let’s say you are trying to get your child to eat carrots. Tell him or her in a straight and serious voice, don’t you eat my carrots! Say that you are going to hide your eyes and when you open them, the carrots better be there! If your child eats a carrot by the time you open your eyes, tell him or her in a shocked voice YOU ATE MY CARROT???

This has been such a game changer for my son. He is the most difficult to convince to eat meals and it takes a lot to get him to eat something. He thinks it is the funniest thing and will start devouring everything on his plate. This evening, I was struggling getting him to eat anything until I remembered this. Then all of a sudden, he made a turn around and started eating his plate clean!

It was such a nice change. I could not wait to share with you all so you can try this one tip with your littles and see how it goes. I am excited to hear your stories and how it worked out!



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