Parenting is tough.  Dealing with infants, kids, toddlers, then a marriage and work.  It is so exhausting. I sometimes wonder if I will be able to have the energy to move by the end of the day.  My day consists of coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Which maybe isn’t a great idea but it gives me the energy to keep on going.  

So how are you surviving the toddler phase? Are you flying above the stars soaring through or trucking through the mud barely making a pass.  I am somewhere in the middle. Some days I feel like a super mom, while others I feel like a big fat loser.

When the big fat loser days were more than super mom I knew I had to change something, I had to keep my head above water somehow and with these 7 steps I am finally at a time where I can actually say I am flying through.

Move by your family

Not many people like this idea but it was a life saver for us.  When we didn’t live by family we had no date nights, no time away. It was from wake up to sun down a little human needing constant attention.  I loved the time I got to be close with my little man but sometimes you just need a break.

Recently having moved across the country to be with family has saved our lives. We now get dates, help with the house and saved us a boatload of money because we avoided daycare for a full year! Thanks to our mothers!

Make time for you and your spouse

Unless you want to pay a babysitter $10-20 an hour plus pay for a date the first suggestion will definitely let this one happen.  In about 2 weeks my husband and I will have our first overnight date night alone sans children. We are totally pumped to have some us time.

Take time away

I use nap time as time away.  I try to get what I can done, but make sure I have an hour to just either sit and stare at a wall or lay down and relax. Without this time I would have crashed a long ago.

Learn about the car seat

Thankfully I did learn all about the car seat. The best place to learn is at your local fire station.  They showed us how to install and what the requirements were. Now since I am moving our youngest to a regular rear facing seat I am a pro at taking them in and out and securing them.  Although, I still have them checked by the firefighters.

Pick your battles

This comes with anything.  With your toddler, your spouse or even at work. You need to pick what is actually worth the fight or argument. If you don’t choose wisely you can have a lot of frustration and anger for something not totally worth it.

Have a stash of snacks with you at all times

This one has saved me over and over again. Going to the park? Have a stash of snacks. Heading on an hour car ride? Have a stash of snacks. The only place I really don’t bring one is when we go to the food store because they have packets there.  I can give them a packet, do my shopping in quiet and just pay for it before I leave.

Forgive yourself

You just need to remember you are doing a great job and you have to learn to forgive yourself.  Did you yell at your little one for doing something? Apologize and move on. They will see that when you do something wrong you apologize for it and then you can look back and find another way to relieve your stress.  What do I do when I get stressed? I write, it has been the only thing that can keep me from going crazy.

You are doing a great job whether you are fighting through it or flying through the toddler stage.  

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