There is nothing my children love more than experiencing something new, exciting, and educational. What better time for new possibilities than a snow day! Crayola gives Gavin and Scarlett exactly that!

The children’s arts and crafts section at Target is one of my favorite places. It offers a wide selection of supplies to help my children’s imaginations grow. It is also where I found these Double Doodle Boards.

The Crayola Double Doodle Board offers two sides of creativity options for kids. The first side is a white board used for drawing with washable crayons, which are included. The second side is a sealed in gel that can be used for tracing and drawing with your finger. This is my favorite side as it has greatly helped my son strengthen his letter writing abilities. My daughter also loves to stand on it and stamp her little foot print. When finished, just swipe clean with your hand.

If you are looking for new tools to help your child’s mind grow, try this travel friendly, easy to use Crayola Double Doodle Board. It is sure to entertain for hours.


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