These days our lives are just running around trying to get the next thing done.  We often are so blinded by this fact that we forget to stop and think about what we are actually missing.  I am either at work running around or at home caring for the kids, dealing with my part time job and cleaning the house.  How can you actually enjoy life this way?

Today I decided to take the kids out.  We can’t just sit around doing nothing so we went back to the aquarium.  The coolest part about this trip is that Jacob can start interacting and playing with everything. The trip started with touching the stingrays.  This is something Tyler has been asking to do for weeks. After spending our time touching the stingrays we went over by the Sea Turtles. It was there that I actually stopped to take in the aquarium.  The aquarium was basically empty today so Tyler ran up ahead to the Sea Turtles and sat leaning over with his head basically at the tank. I just watched at his amazement of what was in front of him.

I then got down to his level and looked with him.  Tyler turned and smiled telling me how big the turtles were.  That’s all that mattered at this time. It didn’t matter that we were pushing time because of naps, it didn’t matter that I didn’t get to that one email and it didn’t matter that I never responded to that last text message. What mattered was at that moment was to take in the few minutes I had of silence and amazement with my children.

That was all I needed today.  I needed to see that turtle and how Tyler was seeing it.  I needed to remember to stop and take a look around to realize that this world is spinning way too fast to keep up. We are always working and things need to get done but sometimes you need to just stop and smell the roses. Take a look around, you will see you are missing way to much in your child’s life.

I feel like life gets away from us.  Every so often we need a moment like this to knock us back down to reality.  These moments will not last forever and will eventually fade away so enjoy the time you have with your children and remember to not stress on the small things. Today when we left to go to the aquarium the kitchen was a mess, the beds were not made and the toy room was a disaster. The good thing about all that is we got to spend more time together enjoying the aquarium in which we would not have had if I spent the time stressing about cleaning this up. All this was cleaned up during nap time and I got more time with the boys.

This trip was filled with tons of laughing, running around and learning about the beautiful animals on this planet.  Adults need to take life like Tyler took this trip. Life is a gift that you need to enjoy, laugh more, enjoy it and take a look around.



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