It’s the end of 2018.  Another year has gone and a new one beginning.  What have you done this year that you are proud of? What will you do next year to top it? All I know is that 2019 hopefully will be a much calmer year.  A year that we get to enjoy our home, watch our children grow and not move cross country.

I thought 2017 was crazy.  We decided December 2016 to pick up and move to the midwest to get a better opportunity for our family.  What we didn’t realize that while this was a great move and adventure for us we were meant to come back home to friends and family. During my maternity leave with our youngest, we decided to make the move back to the east coast.  Really, who decides to move 3,000 mild away when you have a 2 month old. Only us. It was the best decision for everyone involved.  We picked up and moved within 3 months, we both started working, and our little man got to stay home and out of daycare for a year. To make it even better, we got to be with our crazy friends and family once again.

This move has introduced us to a block of amazing people that all have boys Tyler’s age so they can develop friendships for the years to come.  We got to Baptize our beautiful boy with all of our family and friends around and Tyler even got to do a joint birthday with his cousin that he looks up to so much.

This year had its ups and downs.  This year had us going absolutely crazy in the beginning, wild in the middle and finally calming down at the end.  We have been through some of our worst and our best times but god had a plan for us. The plan to bring us back to where we belong.

The best part about the move is knowing our children will never celebrate another birthday without their friends, never celebrate another Christmas without their cousins and never have to worry about not seeing their grandparents.  Our children will grow up with their family surrounding them and supporting them.

As we sit here on Christmas eve laughing and talking or yelling however you want to call it I get confirmation that this move was meant to be. It was not only the right thing but ended up being perfect.  Things fell into place so easily with it.  All the downs we had this year are blinded by the beautiful light we see in front of us. The light in our boy’s eyes when they get to spend another day with their crazy family.

God has a plan for everyone and our plan was something we didn’t expect. You can plan for your life all you want but tomorrow you may be thrown a curveball.  How you handle it can make it turn out to be the most amazing experience and the best thing for you.


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