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If you have toddlers, then you know all too well about the subject of potty training and can fully relate. Some children may catch on right away and for others, well, it can be a huge struggle.

My son has been number 1 potty trained beautifully for quite some time now. He even goes through the night completely dry in his underwear. However, for the life of my husband and I, we cannot get Gavin to do his number 2 in the potty. Every time he just asks for a diaper to go in. I know that eventually he will start going in his potty when he is ready. It just feels like he will never get there and it can be frustrating. None of the strategies work. You name it, we have tried it. We put him on the potty before he even needs to go just to get him used to it, we have tried the rewarding system and offered him everything you could think of. He is not the least bit interested. We even tell Gavin that all his friends are going on the potty, it does not work. It is still a work in progress.

In the mean time, I found this toy at Target. It has been a great little companion in the bathroom for my son and I am hoping it will eventually get my son to do his number 2’s in the potty. He loves to play with it and every time he asks for a diaper, he knows he needs to go into the bathroom. Daniel Tiger now goes in with him every time. Something interesting I have observed though is that he refuses to let Daniel Tiger be on the potty when he is in the middle of going, just like he himself refuses to sit on his potty. It is as if he is making an emotional connection in his mind that if he is too scared, then the doll is also scared. We will continue to work on improving this and think this is a great incentive to get children excited about going potty. If this is something you are interested in, click on the picture below and introduce the fun to your child.



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