Having two kids and living in NJ with the amazingly high property taxes I am always looking for a way to save money.  I used to coupon a lot prior to moving to Colorado and since we have gotten back I have been trying to get back into it.  I have been following the websites, looking in the circulars and clipping coupons. I then came across this deal.

A box of Pampers wipes for $5.56.  How you ask? Pampers wipes are expensive, very good but expensive.  Well here is how you to can snag this deal also.

  • Download Google Express on your phone
  • Go Walmart and find the Pampers wipes which are $14.59
  • Add this to your cart
  • Use promo code: CAG6U634L
  • Watch the $10 disappear but you still get free shipping!

Hurry free shipping ends June 30, 2018!!

Want to make money on Google express?

Once you place your first order you too will get a promo code to hand out!  Someone uses google express for the first time with your code, then not only do they get $10 off but you also get $10!

What deals have you come across recently?


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