Taking care of a household is very tiring and when you work full time it gets to be even more stressful.  Since I work a job where I work longer days, I thankfully have two days off during the week. Before kids I always spent that time cleaning and cooking for the week, making sure all that was done.  That way Steve and I can just enjoy the time we had together. Once kids were thrown in that all changed!

I have been trying to maintain the household, cleaning when off and laundry basically every single day.  My days off are spent chasing after Tyler, tending to Jacob and cleaning the house. As you can probably get the drift that eventually things gets done but I am overly exhausted.  I don’t really get to spend quality time with my children and become just plain annoyed. The other night as I was nursing Jacob I looked down at him and couldn’t believe how big he got.  Right before my eyes, my baby has grown so fast and I am not even realizing it. He is on the verge of crawling but yet I don’t have the time to sit with him to watch him. It hit me. What if this is the last baby I have? What if I don’t get another chance to hold that infant and snuggle. Does all that other stuff really matter?

This day and age we all are trying to maintain that perfect picture for social media.  That picture where your house is always spotless, your kids always eat their veggies and you always look put together with makeup. The internet lies.  This isn’t real and even if it was who would want this?

Do I want my house spotless? Absolutely, being a neat freak, being a person who hates when that sock is on the floor I absolutely want the house spotless but what is more important? Is it worth not spending time with your kids to make sure the laundry is put immediately away?  I wish the stigma that we always have to be perfect, that we always have to live up to this ideal image would end. Will your family starve if you can’t cook tonight and eggs and bacon are on the menu? No, no they won’t. Instead, your children will remember the stories, the games, the smiles and the laughter.  

My children are growing up way to fast.  So fast that I don’t even remember how it happened.  The past 8 months have been a blur not because we had an infant but because I have been so incredibly busy that I never stepped back and looked at what is happening.  

Today I took that step back and saw what is happening. Today I sat down and watched Jacob crawl for the first time.  Today Steve, Tyler and I had a pillow fight. Today I was that mom that got to take it all in and just enjoy my family.  That is what life is about not folding that pile of clothes. Today the laundry wasn’t put away, only one room was cleaned and I didn’t cook.  Today I enjoyed my family which is worth so much more.

Take that vow with me.  Be the mom that your kids will remember playing with.  Be the mom that your kids will remember laughing with. Not the one they remember cleaning or doing this or that while they entertained themselves. There is a time and a place for all that other stuff but right now my babies are young and I will embrace it. I will be leaving that sink full of dishes, stop running around picking up after the kids.  Instead, I will just be. Just be with my children and enjoy them because you never know if that time is that last hug, kiss or story you will read. Let that other stuff go.


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