About 11 years ago I purchased eyeglasses.  Now they were DKNY ones and cost about $400. I loved those glasses and they served me well but the thought of spending $400 on a pair of glasses today makes my stomach turn. For the past few years, I knew I needed new ones I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on them. Since I typically wear contacts I figured why not just continue to use my same old glasses.  That is until Tyler broke them. A $400 pair of glasses my 2 year old managed to break. I couldn’t complain too much since they did last for so long. The problem was now without my contacts I had to wear a pair of glasses that were crooked and had tape on them.  

One night while watching tv I saw a commercial for Zenni.  Cheap eyeglasses that look good. Really? As always I don’t believe it.  When I was spending so much money on glasses, how did they make them so cheap?  If this was the case I can get regular glasses but also sunglasses. I went back and forth while I waited for my eye doctor appointment.  Should I suck it up and spend the money or try these glasses. I ended up asking my eye doctor. His response was he didn’t like it because it obviously took revenue away from his business but he understands not everyone can afford such an expensive product and welcomes people to try them. He also stated he had a lot of satisfied people who bought these inexpensive glasses. 

That night I went home and purchased my first pair of Zennis.  It took about 10 days to deliver them and let me tell you the comfort is just like my old glasses except these are not broken, bent and falling apart.  On top of how great these glasses are they came with a hard case and a glass cleaner. I love them so much that I am going to be finally purchasing my first pair of prescription sunglasses. I am sure people who know me must think it is crazy that I do not have a pair of prescription sunglasses.  Especially since I am always wearing my big sunglasses inside and out. See for yourself. What do you have to lose? $20?

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