I am always looking for things to do in South Jersey.  My days off the kids need to constantly be busy in the morning, that way hopefully they will nap. If you are a religious follower of mine you will know that doesn’t always happen! One of my co-workers told me about Jellybean Jungle and said that both kids will have a blast!  I have never heard of this place but I figured I would give it a try for $9 you can’t go wrong. 

Tyler typically takes a good half hour to warm up to places.  This time is usually spent with him wanting to be held and just not wanting to interact but here it was different.  He saw the place and ran right inside.   He spent most of his time in the ball pit. Basically, he was hopping back and forth from one to the other. The best part of this was as Tyler was playing in the ball pit, Jacob was crawling around chasing after the balls that were on the floor.  

After this, he went over and played the tickle monster game.  Yes, there is actually a video game to tickle a monster. Once my arm got tired from holding Jacob during this and tickling the monster with Tyler I took him over to the interactive floor.  He got to catch frogs, stomp on the fireworks and squash ketchup packets. Jacob got in on the fun also. As he crawled around he did the same. 

This is not all this place offers.  From a Piano to a stage where the kids can perform, they have a post office, slides and a jungle gym, mirrors and games.  I literally could keep going with how much this place offers children. We could spend all day here. 


It is great to know on the heat wave days or the freezing days I always have a fun place to go in South Jersey.  A place to get the kids energy out and for them to really enjoy themselves.


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