This time of year is awful. Between not really going outdoors, the cold weather and everyone in confined places diseases spread like crazy. This time of year I am terrified to take the kids anywhere because I am afraid of bringing home a virus or even the flu.

Anyone who has children has the snotty faced, sneezing, coughing, reaching for the tissue child during this time. We all get it and we all understand. The most frustrating part of it is, is it really “Just a virus” or is it something more.

It is extremely irritating taking your child who has been coughing and up all night long for a week to the doctor for after about 5 minutes they look at you and go, “Don’t worry, it’s a virus. Just give Motrin and Tylenol. If they are still sick in a few days give us a call.” Sometimes when hearing this I just want to scream.

I don’t want to just give my children medication, but when they are sick for over a week I think it is time to think about it. I feel like these days I spend a lot of time, frustration and money lugging the kids back and forth to the dr.

Since having our second son we haven’t taken him in as often as our first. Sometimes I wait at least 3 days, sometimes 4, GASP! I also call and speak with the nurse more. While I still sometimes I still get pushed off stating that just treat it as a virus, my own intuition will stick out and push for the appointment.

With all these viruses I personally have contracted the Flu, Stomach Virus, and even Hand Foot and Mouth (that was fun). Which is why even though the doctor will 9 times out of 10 say, “Don’t worry, it’s just a virus.” I will still end up taking them. Why? Because in reality, it isn’t always a virus.

So how am I dealing with it this year? How have I managed to pass the 4 weeks of coughing, snotty, fever, vomiting and recently blow out diarrhea all over the bathroom?

Washing Hands Frequently

Now with the winter not only have I been washing my hands after basically every time I touch my kids but have been applying lotion also. My hands dry out during a normal winter and now the cracks have gotten more and deeper so wash and lotion all the time.

Also, please teach your children to wash their hands. This is crucial and always helps with the spread from them.

Laundry, laundry and more laundry

I have been washing everything from bedsheets to towels to clothes more frequently in the past few weeks. Not only am I just doing laundry but also making sure the water is hot!

Wash dishes more frequently

Typically the sink will fill up and I will wash them during nap and after bed. With everything going around I do not want to chance someone touching something to catch something new. So I am making sure the sink is always empty.

Wearing gloves

Cleaning messes means wearing gloves. After the gloves come off they go right in the trash and wash your hands!

Cleaning the toys

This is very important. I feel like many people overstep this. Cleaning the toys is crucial because if the virus is on toys, you are bound to pick it up when cleaning the mess up.

Hopefully, with these tips you won’t be making so many “It’s a Virus” trips.



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