I  love Sunday family days. Mainly because it is the only day that my family really has since I work every Saturday.  Today with the rain and the colder weather we had no idea what to do and originally talked about taking Tyler to the shore but with this weather it was not ideal.  We keep passing by the FunPlex so decided to give it a try today since most of it is indoors. The FunPlex in Mount Laurel, NJ is really amazing and being free to enter and just pay for what you want to do, that is just up my alley.

We walked into the door and were immediately amazed.  The first stop we made was at the bowling alley.  Now Tyler has never been bowling but he absolutely loved it. It was great since Steven and I have not been bowling in so long.  We had a blast.

Now we may be an hour from the shore but having an indoor boardwalk 5 minutes from your house without the shore traffic is perfect.  They have everything from bumper cars to the tilt a whirl and also go-carts. We took Tyler on the bumper cars for the smaller kids and while he always wants to drive a car at home, he was a little shy for this ride.  The attendant wanted him to have such a good time, gave him a second try to see if he adjusted.

We couldn’t believe that after seeing the bowling alley and the boardwalk there still was a ton more to explore, like the outdoor water park called the SplashPlex.  They have a lazy river, a splash pad, multiple slides and who could forget the bucket of water that dumps on your head (like every good water park).  I have to say I am so excited to try this out.  Unfortunately, since it was rainy, cold and windy we could not enjoy it.  Especially being only $26 a day (after the $3 discount online) I say it is definitely on our list for something to do this summer.

After checking everything out we headed inside to the arcade.  They had everything from skiball to basketball to a fishing game we had a blast.  Tyler could have spent all day playing there and running around.

We are always looking for new things to do with Tyler, especially ones that don’t break the bank.  This is one place we intend to visit multiple times in the future!



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