As moms, we are always searching for things to do with our children. The problem is we have to search google and social media to hunt down different places that we can go to. This can be very time consuming and frustrating. What if there was one place to look that listed all the kid-friendly places?

This is currently being done! Kidazzler is a new app that is right now trying to find the best kid places. It can be daycares, gyms, trampoline parks, etc. So how are they getting all these places on one app? Who is doing all this work?

It is us! Normal moms are sharing their favorite places! The best part about it, you can get paid to share! Be the first to lock a place in by just providing a phone number, name and address. Once you provide that no one else can ever add it. After you add it Kidazzler does the rest. If the business pays for advertising you earn a share of the monthly revenue. The more you add the more potential you have to earn.  You can earn up to $4,800 per month!

Take advantage of this opportunity today.


*This contains affiliate links. If you sign up and add locations, I may make a small commission. This is at no cost to you.


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