Being an extrovert definitely has its advantages. People may think we are loud and obnoxious but in reality, we are fun, out-going and can really get people to enjoy things.

I always see all these posts on how introverts are amazing, they should rule the world and how polite they are. While when searching for extroverts you read about them being obnoxious. While most people are a mixture of both some really tip the scale. 

So why is being friends with an extrovert amazing?

There will never be silence

We have to fill every gap. We may start a sentence but not really know where it is going, just to make sure there is no silence. Silence is scary and if we experience it we will fill it. Even if what we talk about makes no sense. 

We don’t want to be alone

Ok, yes everyone needs a few minutes alone, but any more then an hour and I am ancy, not knowing what to do with myself. We need to make sure we have plans and we are bringing our entourage with us.

Is your extrovert friend planning your social life? You’re Welcome.

We know someone for anything you need

Need something done? I know someone. We network and keep up with that network. We want to make sure that we will always have someone to call, to strike a deal, and make sure we have the right connections.

You will always have a place to go

Looking for something to do? They will always have something planned and a place for you to come. If we don’t have anything planned that night, we would love for you to come to hang out.

You will always be told the truth

We don’t hold back, mainly because think and process everything out loud. So we will be upfront and honest sometimes not always the best, but we brainstorm loudly so it may come out that way.

Extroverts can be fun, enjoyable and great friends. Befriend us today, you know we are waiting for it!



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