The end of the year is approaching. The presents are unwrapped and all over your house. The toy library, as I will call it, has seemed to multiply like bunnies.  There are toys everywhere. I thought having a play area would confine them but no. Recently the toys have migrated into my kitchen and family room. It finally got to the point I had to step in and take action.  

How did I declutter my toy room? Well, it wasn’t easy and was done while the kids were napping.  I tried decluttering the playroom while the kids were awake and I felt the number of toys increased. Now, after we finally took action our playroom, while is still a blast, is a clean, organized good time.

Are you interested in decluttering your playroom for the new year? Here are some great tips and tricks to help you decide what stays, what goes and which toys are put away for the rotation.

Watch your kids

Start spending time watching what toys the kids are playing with.  Do you find that certain toys spend more time in the toy box than others? Are they only playing with one or two? The ones that they never touch are the ones I would donate. If they never touch them then they won’t miss them. While the ones that they play with on occasion I would be packed away for a later date.

Ditch the outgrown toys

Do you still have toys from when the kids were infants? If so, donate them.  As much as we would love it our babies are only getting bigger and smarter. The baby toys are no longer needed.

Ditch the broken toys

If there are toys that are broken or missing pieces then get rid of them.  There is no reason to keep toys around that can actually be harmful or will not even work since pieces are missing.

Do it alone (or with your spouse only)!

Don’t get your kids involved in this process.  They will want to keep every toy. I had my toddler involved once and it resulted in no toys coming out of the playroom.

Routinely rotate

Always rotate the toys.  I go through the playroom every couple weeks now. Take stuff out and put other toys back in. Keeps the kids happy since they enjoy having new things to play with. Our playroom is so much better after starting this and we have a bin in the garage for the rotations.  

Invest in storage

Investing in storage space for your kid’s playroom can be very valuable.  They can then keep more of the toys in the playroom but you can also rest easy because the toys will have a place to hide when not in use.  

With the new year approaching take the steps to make your life less stressed. This means eliminate the mess.

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