This time of year we all think about what our resolution will be.  Will it be the typical with being a better person, mother, father? Will it be to lose weight or exercise more? WIll it be something about our careers? There are so many things we can pick from, so many to decide about but how do we choose the right one? How do we make sure that it is something we stick to and not just give up next month?

Picking the resolution is usually the easy part, but picking the right resolution is something we should focus on.  Reflect on the past year, what do you wish you had, what do you feel would make you happier. This reflection can lead you into what you truly want to make happen over the next year.  Now that you picked your resolution it is time to make sure you stick with it.

How will this year be different? This year you need to break down your resolution month by month.  What you need to do each month to meet your resolution. Then at the end of the month reflect back to see if you made it. These monthly resolutions are more detailed so you have a better chance of sticking with it.  

Make sure that you have the support of your family and friends around you.  Need time to actually work on your resolution? Talk to your spouse and let them know your wishes.  They should support you and give you the time you need.

Make sure you make the commitment to this resolution.  Without your own commitment, you will not succeed. With our resolution guide, you will keep pushing through to the next month so you can see your success.

Do a little at a time so you will succeed with your resolution by the end of the year.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and your resolution will not be complete by February. Accept it and slowly continue down the right path.

Remember everyone has setbacks and you are no different.  There will be days that you fail and weeks that you succeed. Focus on the success, not the failure. The little victories will lead to a big win.

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