The Golden rule, “Treat people how you want to be treated.”

A rule that many people don’t follow and it creates more negativity in their lives. The golden rule isn’t meant to make everyone else happy, but when you treat others how you would like to be treated in turn it results in you being a happier person. This creates a happy life and a more enjoyable one.

Creating your own  happiness is important. To do this you must treat others with respect in the process. When treating others with respect you will become more satisfied in your life leading to a happier life.


Everyone has the day, the day where they just can’t deal with anything. When the one person approaches you to help, to empathize with you it can change your whole attitude.

Recently I had a lecture on empathy. This is something that the majority of people lack in their daily lives. It is taking yourself, putting yourself in their shoes and trying to understand what they are going through. Did you ever just want to scream and complain about something and just have someone say, “Wow, that sucks.” If you did have that then that person was showing you empathy. Putting themselves in your shoes to at least try to understand your situation.

This is much different than providing sympathy for someone. Stating that at least they don’t have something else happening. When people are going through something they don’t want to hear about the at least’s, they want to have you understand what they are going through.


Being that person that cares for others and shows it. To have someone really get down and want to truly help is them having compassion for whatever life is throwing at you. Sometimes have someone show compassion is all you need. This can be difficult for people. You want others to have the compassion towards you, so why wouldn’t you show it to them.


I remember when I was going in for an emergency surgery and didn’t have anyone to look after my dog. My friend drove to my apartment, picked him up and took care of him. This is how people should treat others.

Many people in the world tend to ignore other’s problems and expect others to help in return. Some people will continually help but feel like they are being walked all over when they don’t have anyone to turn to during their times of need.

By putting it out to help others even when they don’t ask, in turn you will feel happiness knowing you are doing a greater good, regardless if someone bends over backwards for you.

Stop Criticizing people

When dealing with people it is easy to fall into the trap of criticizing. What it is doing is just complaining about what someone else is doing. When you are not happy or you do not like what others are doing then change it into a positive. Turn the conversation or whatever they doing into something that can help.

Being a better person doesn’t take a lot. It takes, taking yourself out of the situation and looking to see if you would want to be treated the same way. Maybe everybody did this the world would be a little better of place.



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