We all have heard about the mold in the plastic cups if not taken apart and properly cared for. We try to do everything right to make sure our children are safe. Unfortunately, when trying to keep your children safe, you can overlook the simplest thing. You can actually be doing something detrimental and not realizing.

As a mom of two little boys and being ocd, I take very noticeable care about mold and dirt. Ask my husband about my massive concern over mold anywhere. I saw the mold in the sippy cup article and knew I had to make sure the whole cup is taken apart and completely dried before putting away. It was time consuming but it assured me no mold was in the cups.

Both of my kids love their 360 cup. This cup is an amazing idea! You can teach your children to drink out of a cup but don’t have the spillage while they are learning. This day I was about to clean the 360 cup. I took it apart, like always, and I saw black around the rim. What I didn’t realize, and I am sure many other moms had no idea, there is a rubber piece around the rim on the top. As soon I pulled the rim off I almost vomited. The mold that was underneath was disgusting.


Never again will I purchase one of these cups for my kids. I rather have spills galore then have my children drink out of these cups. This is a warning to all parents who use these cups. Caution that you are truly taking every little piece off. If you aren’t then this mold can be getting in the drinks you provide your children. Imagine how many children are getting sick from this without parents even knowing. Check your cups, there are hidden places in that cup that mold can easily brew.



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