Build a Bear came out when I was young enough to enjoy it maybe once as a kid.  I remember going, picking my bear out and watching the process happen.  Now when I pass it in the mall I always think I have to bring Tyler here one day.  Build a Bears, along with everything else in life cost money and can be expensive.  Well, tomorrow that changes for one day! Tomorrow you can pay the same as your age! If your child is 1, you can purchase one for $1.  If you are over 29, you will only have to pay $29 which is still cheaper than the normal price. It does not include the outfits or anything else extra.  It is just for the stuffed animal.

If you want to participate you need to enroll in their loyalty program.  If you are under 18, you need to have an adult with you.  Want to sign up in advance? It is recommended since they expect the stores to be flooded tomorrow.

This is definitely something fun to do to escape the heat tomorrow, July 12, 2018!  Hopefully, this becomes a yearly event!



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