Let’s talk about this Babies R Us going out of business sale. I loved Babies R Us when Steven and I were pregnant with Tyler. I thought it was great! My registry was there, I had a ton of gift cards and they literally had everything in one store, under one roof.  Then after Tyler was born I quickly realized, yes they have everything but everything with a heftier price tag than everywhere else. I mean I could easily get the exact same diapers at Walmart or even Target for significantly less.  When I heard they were going out of business I used all my gift cards and realized why they are. Their prices are so much higher than other places that they can’t compete anymore.

Steven and I figured, hey they are having these sales lets go see if we could use anything for Jacob.  When I walked into the store and looked at the prices I saw that yes they were discounting things but a merely 10%.  This 10% off was still more expensive than going to another store. We quickly walked out and said we won’t go back there.

Now after the move we realized we needed a new crib for Jacob since the movers broke his.  That story is for another day! We also needed a dresser for him so we waited until it was absolutely necessary and heard that the sales at Babies R Us were better now.  Now they were at least 30% off! I thought to myself it has to be at least decent. So I convinced Steven to go look at a dresser and crib.

I was completely wrong.  Now at Babies R Us, if you are looking for furniture you will be buying as is, off the floor unless they have one in a box (which they had basically only displays).  A broken dresser will run you anywhere from $250 – $550. This was our store in South Jersey. I asked the lady if this was for the broken ones and she said yes. When I questioned her and said but the furniture is broken so how can you sell it for such an insane amount.  She stated they are not reducing the prices and this is what the liquidator wants them to be at. Well, we decided this sale was not for us still.

There are some things you can get for a good price at this sale.  One is formula. After doing some online searches, you can actually get the formula for cheaper than other stores because of the sale.  My advice since formula is so expensive is to stock up. One thing that I don’t like is you can’t use your coupons so price shop if you have some!

It looks like the baby food is comparable to other stores also, so if you are in need of baby food, you may want to stop over since right now they are offering 10% off.


Looking for baby gear?  How about the Graco Snugride base? Well if you are looking for something like this I recommend skipping Babies R Us. Right now it is on sale for $38.49 but you can get it at Target for $31.49.  I would recommend shopping around for stuff like this.

On the other hand some toys may actually be worth the stop over at Babies R Us.  They are 30% off currently. I would just check online prior to purchasing if you are looking to get it at the lowest price.

They also have signs around the store in case you are unsure of how much a product will cost to tell you after the discount is applied.

When we first went to the original sale, nothing was honestly worth the sale price.  The diapers and wipes weren’t even on sale at that time. Now you can get them 10% off.  I would say if you truly need something and they have it at the cheapest price, get it.  If you are just looking to see what they have but don’t need it, maybe wait.  Hopefully, the prices will go even lower and you can really get the deal that all of us moms were hoping for.




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