I am completely honest about products and reviewing things.  If it solves a problem or makes the situation easier it most likely is a great product.  If it tries to solve a problem but creates other issues then it may be worth going back to the drawing board.

I went onto Veronica the Vet recently.  It will air on September 18 but more on that later! The head of the TV station handed me a product and asked me to review it.  The maker of the product was on a TV show at the station and handed him the product to have someone try it out.  Of course, I was majorly excited and had to try it.

It is the Original Tray Buddi.  The idea behind this product is to form a net around the high chair so the infant or toddler doesn’t throw anything off.  I went home and put it on the high chair the Jacob uses to test it out. I put toys on the high chair and got everything ready to feed him.  What I realized is trying to feed over this net, dodge Jacob’s hands and actually get the food into his mouth was pretty difficult. This was not happening. I took the net off and of course he threw a toy off the high chair. We all sat around and looked at this product.  For an 8-month-old this is not useful at all. Instead of solving the problem about them throwing stuff off the high chair it creates the issue of feeding them.

What I did find out is it is very useful for around the stroller.  Jacob always throws stuff off the stroller and by putting this around the stroller it prevents him from throwing his toys all over the place.  While this product is great for something like this it was not ideal for our family.

I ended up giving the Original Tray Buddi away to my neighbor who is pregnant with a little girl (the product was pink)! I am excited to see her thoughts on this product when her little girl is old enough for a highchair. 

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