I grew up in Central Jersey (yes, there is a Central Jersey).  Being a born and raised Jersey girl I honestly never thought I would be living back in NJ.

I didn’t always live here and have had a very interesting life where I lived in the Caribbean going to Veterinary school, worked in Hawaii with the dolphins and finished school in Virginia. Recently my husband had a job transfer to Colorado which landed us living in the foothills for a year and a half.  I never thought I would be so happy to be back.

My husband Steven, me and our son Tyler

You see, in December 2016 my husband, Steve, had a job opportunity in Colorado.  We thought this would be a long term thing where we can plant roots and watch our kids grow.  In January 2018 we made a decision to move back home to be with our family. We realized that although Colorado is beautiful, it is not the east coast.  We missed the pizza, the bagels, the attitude, the bluntness where we tell it like it is, the ocean, the city, so many things they did not have to offer and of course WaWa.   We finally are home in NJ and are absolutely loving it.

Read about our crazy life, all about mom life, the veterinary industry and everything in between.  We are so happy to be raising our 2 boys, Tyler and Jacob here. Life is good here in New Jersey!

My youngest son Jacob and I


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