My father had taken my children and I to the Point Pleasant Boardwalk. Today was particularly special because it was the first time Gavin and Scarlett experienced sitting together on a ride. It is always such a great feeling to watch the expressions on your children’s faces when they dive into something so fun and entertaining. Most importantly, I could see that it was giving my father great joy to be able to be part of it all.

I remember last year when I watched Gavin on the same rides and Scarlett was just an infant still in her carrier. All I could think about was being so excited for the following year when she would be old enough to sit with him on them. A blink of an eye later and we are already at that moment in time.

Their very first ride sitting together was on the alligators. I will never forget their adorable interaction right before it began and how happy they were. I thought, “how quickly they are growing up.”

This is also a precious memory that I just had to share. Here are my children having the time of their lives with their Pop Pop on the carousel. Scarlett made it all the way through with a big smile on her face.

This is all so unbelievably sereal to witness. Gavin was a lot braver this time and tried all new rides he had never been on. Scarlett joined him! It was such an amazing day and I cannot wait to see what my two babies conquer next.


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