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I love looking around to see when opportunities will arise.  My family thinks I am crazy when I say I found another great idea, while my husband tells me I do too much.  Previously I joined two different multi-level marketing companies, both stated that while people may not be responding to your posts, people are watching.  I would laugh at this because I believed many people didn’t watch me. I posted and posted but no one contacted me. I realized my issue was really I didn’t give it enough time, I gave up too easily. That was my biggest pitfall.

This statement is actually true.  People may not talk but people watch.  I know first hand by watching a friend of mine. It took me a year and a half to contact Brittany. I finally sent her this message, “OK I got to ask, what is this clothing thing you are doing?” That is the exact message I sent her after a year and a half of watching everything she was doing.

I couldn’t believe what she was about to say.  She is a promoter. Now it made sense. All the graphic tees I have been seeing and then links to them, I got it.  After talking with her Fresh Apparel was something she came across in 2015 when she purchased her first shirt. This company was started by a mom of three who wanted to bring realistic styles to graphic tees. This company doesn’t just cater to moms, but also children and what seems like an array of coffee mugs.

After falling in love with the product she finally became a promoter in 2017.  This is a great way to flood your closet with high-quality clothes without having to shell out a ton of money.  

After starting with Fresh Apparel she was then approached about another family-owned business promoting another clothing company.  Five Wild Hearts was started by a mother of three who wanted to be able to financially support her family while targeting her creative side. Another business of high-quality graphic tee shirts that cater to all members of the family.

While being a promoter is a ton of fun it isn’t everything Brittany wanted.  She wanted to be able to help financially with her family and be able to raise her children while staying home.  Brittany’s love for Disney made her make her next move.  I honestly don’t understand why she didn’t take this step sooner. She finally became a Disney travel agent.  I watched her talk about this, start her business and have seen the amazing reviews people left her of how much they enjoyed their trips.  If you have gone to Disney World previously and especially recently, you know how much time and energy it takes to plan a trip there. It is not a vacation that you can plan what you want to do when you get there.  It takes time and dedication to really make sure it is planned out perfectly to be able to do everything you want. This is where Brittany steps in. If I was planning a trip to Disney now, I wouldn’t have time or energy to really plan it.  Don’t get me wrong I love planning my Disney trips but I will now leave it to the professional!

As Brittany says, “ I am LOVING IT!! I should have done it years ago. I love helping families plan their magical vacations. If I can’t plan my own, this is the next best thing. I get to plan it for them just as I do when it’s my own trip. I help plan everything for them.”

On top of this with her love for all things toxic free, she decided to join La Belle Naturelle. This is an all natural skin care line that was started to help the owner’s daughter’s skin.  With all the toxic chemicals in many products, it was her mission to find products that were in fact truly natural.

Having it all is difficult.  With have 3 beautiful children she found a way to spend time with them, care for them and still provide financially for her family.  She is one mom that proves she can really have it all!

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