Planning and decorating for parties have always been favorites of mine. I love taking themes and puting twists on them instead of just going to Party City and buying an overabundance of matching movie character supplies. I want to share with you these 5 secrets of mine for party planning that will not break the bank and will have your guests left amazed. This is all from my daughter’s 2nd birthday party with a mermaid theme.

  1. Survey Your Space: It is important to know how much room you have to work with and plan accordingly. Simple is best and try not to go overboard. We had my daughter’s birthday party at our clubhouse, which was just the right size for the amount of guests we had.

2. Decorations: Instead of the typical character theme, try concentrating on colors that associate with what you are going for. Examples would be in the table cloths, balloons, and little table decorations. Since we threw a general mermaid party, we did not use The Little Mermaid products. I chose iridescent table cloths and clear balloons to resemble bubbles. For the center pieces, I used mason jars to hold sand, sea glass, and shells that can be purchased in bags from Walmart.

Tip: If you are crafty, add a little touch of creativity to a table. I took a wooden box, painted it blue, and glued shells on top to make it look like a treasure chest surrounded with gold chocolate coins.

3. Food: Think of some snack foods you can put on the tables that correspond with your look. For example, since we are using the mermaid/under the sea theme, some good choices are goldfish, sea salt chips, little sheets of dried seaweed, and salted pretzels.

4. Cake: This is something I usually splurge a little more on if possible for birthday parties, without going overboard, because I think presentation matters. By any means, it does not have to be an elaborate, costly, 3 tier cake. I just look for fun, simplistic, yet well designed cakes that do not cost a fortune.

5. Favors: I love ending the celebration with creativity and thoughtfulness. I usually make something and attach my child’s picture on it for the guests to have a memory of. This year, I filled tiny glass cork bottles from Amazon with sand and mini shells. I then tied Scarlett’s picture around the top.

Remember, less is more. You do not have to be artistic or creative. It’s the little things that make a party come together. Apply these tips to your next party and they are sure to give a pop to your special day.


  1. I like your idea of ending the celebration with party favors, such as mini shells in a bottle or adding your child’s picture on top. This would be a great way to thank the guests for coming and help them remember. When figuring out what favors to use, it would probably be a good idea to think of something that fits the theme of the celebration and the size of party bag they’ll be able to easily carry home.


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