Christmas is such an exciting and magical time for children. They become older and  begin to learn more about special traditions. I always love watching my child’s reaction as he looks at something and really gets into its true meaning. Now that my daughter is old enough, she too will become curious and want to join us. This year, there are 4 traditions we have really been enjoying.

Letters to Santa

Gavin has been loving having something exciting to look forward to with writing to Santa Claus. We take this little mailbox, put our letters inside, and wait for his arrival to take them.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Where ever you can, make your children feel like they are being involved. This is Scarlett’s first year putting up some ornaments on our Christmas tree. It was so much fun to see her face with all the bright lights and Christmas spirit.

Nativity Set

This is a beautiful Melissa and Doug Nativity set. It is very important for children to learn about the story of how Jesus was born at an early age. Also, some of Gavin’s favorite toys are building blocks and figures so this toy was a big hit with him.

Advent Calendar

This is a great way to make it through the 24 days of Christmas as we embrace the preparation of Jesus’ arrival. It teaches children how to look for numbers and gives them tasty chocolate treats to look forward to.

These are only some of the many Christmas traditions for your children to remember and build excitement over year after year. Make the holidays a time of fun, a time of learning, and a time of embracing. Let them join you and create memories they will want to carry out for the rest of their lives.


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