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During the last few days of school, my son has been participating in various sorting and matching games. These are skills that his teacher is beginning to introduce to his Pre-K class. Gavin did very well with the sorting exercises, however, he had a little trouble grasping the matching concept. In order to keep up with the consistency of working on these skills at home as well, I came up with two simple games using only 2 products. One of them you can easily make on your own right at home. The benefit is that they provide 4 ways to improve a child’s memory while still making it fun.

What you need:

colored construction paper

stacking or sorting cups

  1. Matching Game: I started simple and cut the construction paper into two squares each of the same color. The goal is to begin to understand how to go about matching in an easy way. The last thing we want to do is throw complex pictures at a child and confuse them. Lay the squares down in rows, spreading the same colors farther apart from each other. Have your child choose a color to start with and ask them to find the same exact color somewhere in the rows. What is great about this method is that you can build off of these homemade matching squares and eventually make it harder by drawing letters, numbers, or little pictures on the squares.

2. Sorting Game: you will need stacking or sorting cups for this. If you have different color bowls, this will also work. Lay out each cup and ask your child to put all the matching colors with each coordinated cup. Eventually, you can introduce other objects to sort such as plastic animals. This is a great independent thinking exercise as there are many combinations to put together.

My son is demonstrating a sorting exercise in this next photo-

Strategies for children to learn from these concepts:

  • Patterns
  • Colors
  • Similarities
  • Problem solving

*Added bonus: Cut construction paper into different shapes to strengthen shape recognition

Here is a great example of basic sorting cups from Amazon:


I am so excited to watch my son improve little by little each day. It is amazing how much he now knows looking back to his first year of school. His memory and skills are so much stronger now  with these simple little tips.


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